Meet Your Ranchers

Hi! We're the Braden Family. 
We are Whit and LaShae Braden and the name FLYING M BEEF came from the ones that inspire us on a daily basis, our children; MacKenzie, Macelyn, and Kase. We are proud to say that we are 100% family owned and operated.
We are located in Garden City, Texas. We are about an hour south of Midland and an hour west of San Angelo in Central West Texas.
The Onset

Our Flying M breeding program has always focused on top tier genetics to improve our herd and beef quality. The first Akaushi genetics we acquired were fullblood bulls that we then bred to an impressive set of F1 Akaushi-Angus females from Sterling Cattle Co. The Flying M branded beef program began growing and exceeding our expectations rapidly, proving that high quality Akaushi genetics are unmatched.  

Next, we invested in fullblood females to begin our seedstock production to supplement our prospering Flying M Beef program. We only select our top of the line females who proved to be excellent and robust mothers that continue to progress our beef program forward. The seedstock business has since sold bulls coast-to-coast to tenacious US cattle producers seeking to enhance the quality of their cattle through improved mothering ability, intramuscular fat and sleep easy calving ease.

The Specifics

The Flying M herd is composed of both American Akaushi and American Wagyu Association females. In 2019, we acquired our fullblood females with either their first or second calf at side. A particular core group of Dozer 9967Y daughters were selected due to their young maternal performance within their respective contemporary groups.  

According to our genetic and breeding consultant, Dr. Aaron Cooper, our herd is comprised mostly of the old world Akaushi cornerstone lineages with particular impact from sires Mitsutake KO58 (through sons Dai 2 & Dai 3 Mitsumaru) and Dai 2 Shigenami 27. To a lesser degree some 1970’s imported genetics, Rueshaw and Judo, to complement the 1990’s vintage genetics.



The Akaushi stud breeding direction

This core group of females has always been under the direction of Dr. Cooper. In fact, since we are lifelong family friends, we took an opportunity to run our breeding herd along with his family’s Akaushi herds in Eldorado and Giddings, TX.  

The genetic intentions and direction of our herd follows our breeding philosophy: optimal or ideal. As a result our herd constantly undergoes selection for good disposition, strong early maternal characteristics and marble score 8 productivity. Each year we get stronger and more robust calves and the marbling on our beef continues to increase.

To qualify for acceptance into the top-tier genetic usage rotation, the best young prospective sires are sent out to mate with our F1 females for data collection and observation on F2 calves. We analyze the calving ease, direct growth and marbling deposition from 18-22 months of age. 

We are now offering females on the market. What sets our genetics apart are the carcass and maternal proof that we are able to showcase to buyers who are previewing the cattle for sale. Buyers can view their dam, sisters, brothers, aunts and others on the same visit to our ranch. Additionally, you can view nearby relative’s marbling levels in the catalog of beef storage on the same property. At the end of the day, we are all about proving what matters most in the luxury beef industry and seedstock business.